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If you in Pokémon Go cheats want hunt monsters, you have to the front door and go for a walk. Of course it can happen that you have a bad day and hardly progress makes the iPhone and Android app. With a few tips from you can prevent this.

You can all tips easily as video look. Ann-Kathrin Kuhl tells you in the head part of the article , as you collect as many XP in a short time.

Tips for beginners

If you o­nly just in Pokémon Go einsteigt, you deserve at the start pretty fast experience points that you bring many benefits (about rarer Pokémon) .

This circumstance can you make you Choose and so earn up to 12,300 XP in just 30 minutes. Although a bit of luck always belongs to this, but the points are broken down as follows:

Pokéstop: 750 XP - If you find a new Pokéstop, it hails Experience. In half an hour you will find no less than 15 pieces, what you 750 XP gets.
Catch Pokémon: 1000 XP - If you catch a Pokémon for the second time, you get 100 XP. Ten pieces you catch loose in a normal, 30-minute walk.
Catch new Pokémon: 1800 XP - At the beginning you meet more often to unknown Pokémon. Three pieces already bring you here an 1800 XP.
Pokémon evolve: 2000 XP - Developers her a Pokémon for the first time, it hails 1000 XP. Performs their development o­nce again made, there are still 500 XP. Three developments therefore give you in 2000 XP.
In the arena to win: 350 XP - You must win three fights in a row.

Together, the individual experience points 6150 XP. Have you previously used a Lucky Egg, the value to 12,300 XP doubled . Because the item makes for 30 minutes to ensure that all information obtained is doubled.

In downtown you often meet o­n Pokémon.
Advanced tips

The advanced tips are a little easier, but also more laborious. Because in essence you have to activate a Lucky Egg and so scour many Pokéstops and catch Pokémon as you can.

For this you get while o­nly between 50 XP and 100 XP. However, you can also catch as many standard Pokémon go cheats during the 30-minute of Glückseis that you can perform up to 25 developments. Thanks to the item brings each Evolution 1000 XP and you earned 25,000 XP .

This trick o­nly works when many Pokémon and Pokéstops are around you. So Utilizes him especially if you are in downtown . Reverts o­n Lockmodule that attract Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality app that Google Maps and your smartphone's camera uses to make you a virtual Pokémontrainer. If you want to learn more about the app, you will find under these lines News, specials and tips o­n:



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