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Wall of Berlin Germany  

Paris to Blois  
The opposite of blah, Blois (blwah: pop 51,000) is the hidden gem of the Loire Valley, and the perfect excuse for a few days or explorations and medieval meddling.

Orleans France  

Travel to Versailles  
If you descend the great steps of the Versailles garden slowly enough, you might just feel like royalty. A whopping 580m long, this crib won't fit in your camera frame.

Train to Paris  
From students who obsess over Derrida's Of Grammatalogy to tourists who wonder why the French don't pronounce half the consonants in each word, everyone enjoys the city where, by decree of law, buildings don't exceed six stories (so that all have sunshine).

Kutna Hora Bone Church  

Terezin, Czech Republic  
Although Terezin's most infamous era was WWII when it served as a prison camp for enemies of the Reich (mainly Jews), it was originally built at the end of the 18th century as a strategic stronghold against invaders from th east.

Karlstejn Castle  

Prague Train Travel  

Belfast International  

Bus to Glasgow  

Travel Manchester to Liverpool  

Travel To Edinburgh Festival  

City of Cambridge Travel  

Travel to Oxford  

Travel to London  

Brussels (Bruxelles) Travel and Hostels  
After cavorting with hash and hookers in Amsterdam, most students see Brussels as a dull hub of Eurocrats, a place to go hole up and detox from Holland just long enough to pass the parents' drug test. That's a mistake.

Travel to Austria - Krems and Stein  
As the gateway to the Wachau region, Krems and its neighboring town Stein are undoubtedly the picturesque cities from which to begin exploring the Austrian countryside.

Tulln an der Donau Road Maps  
As the district capital of Lower Austria, Tulln a der Donau feels much like a normal city with regular citizens going about their business, all with the flowing Danube as a pocturesque backdrop

Modling Austria Travel  
A small town on the edge of the Vienna Woods, Modling offers a peaceful atmosphere from which to taking hiking trips or explorations of nature.

Klosterneuburg Travel  
According to legend, Klosterneubuerg Monastery was built when Margrave Leopold III found his wife's wedding veil that she had lost nine years earlier.

Travel To Vienna  
Vienna is a city where you can live in both the past and the present. While half of the city floats majestically along hte 17th and 18th centuries, the other half zooms into the 21st, creating a fusion of time and space that will transoort you from one age to the next in a blink of an eye.

Learning and Living: Studying at a Language School in Spain  
Learning Spanish in Spain hardly feels like going to school. An average day might start with an expertly brewed café con leche and end with a delicious dinner of light tapas and endless glasses of local Rioja wine. The in-between hours are probably peppered with long strolls through winding cobblestoned streets and hours spent sketching Moorish architecture while listening to the passionate wails and intricate guitar licks of local Flamenco artists. Students will spend a couple hours in the classroom each day, but the real learning....

Hostels abroad, Jobs you can do abroad, should I use a paid subscription service?  
If you want to work your way around the world, there are plenty of not-so-serious gigs to keep you from going broke. Governments work with organizations like BUNAC ( and CCUSA ( to give out short-term work permits for...

Rail Pass 101: Eurail Pass, Eurail Planner, Can an American buy a Eurail ticket in Europe? Eurail Reservation Fee  
Everything you need to know about Rail Passes in Europe!

Travel Eastern Europe, European Youth Hostels Eurail  
Croatia hopes to adopt the euro by 2010, and other countries like Slovenia, Hungary and Latvia may switch as early as 2007.

Our Three Cents: Backpack Pampering  

Find a job in Europe student : jobs in Europe for Americans : Summer jobs in Europe student : Jobs overseas Europe  

Thira youth hostel, Thira youth hostel, Youth hostels  

Tours for young people, student travel tours, tours with Contiki  

Rick Steves britrail pass, Eurail pass, European Youth Hostels Eurail  

TravelEurope with the Euro, Vacations, Trips, Hostels and shacks in Europe  

Eurail or Europass, Europass or Eurail, Travel Europe by train  

How to get around Europe for cheap, cheap ways to travel Europe, Europe by train for students  

Europe Travel Guidebooks, guidebooks on hostels and shacks in Europe  

Europe Packing Guide, European Youth Hostels Eurail  

Europe Hot Spots: Ibiza youth hostels, Bruxel Ireland youth hostels, Walk on the ocean in San Sebastian Spain  
You want to know the scoop on Europe? Find those gems that make your trip unique, fill your journal with notes and stain your pages with red wine? You're not going to trust recommendations from a travel agent. Even the guidebooks are circumspect. But it's the casual recommendations from a fellow traveler at the train stop that you heed.

Travel Europe Profiles

Travel Austria Located in the heart of Europe, discount Austria travel is definitely an option for this popular destination for young travelers who appreciate beautiful landscapes, rich culture, delicious local cuisine, and generous hospitality. Travel Austria offers year-round Alpine conquests, an unsurpassed musical history and breathtaking architecture. Discount Austria travel to this small country is a destination not to be missed. Click here for Austria tourism travel

Belarus Travel Belarus became independent 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Minsk, the capital city, offers many theatres, parks, and a plethora of museums for the young traveler on a budget. Click here for a Belarus tourism travel Belgium Travel Nestled in the heart of Europe lies a tiny kingdom rich in architecture, castles, art cities, romantic canals and natural beauty. It’s a place alive with vibrant festivals, friendly people, delicious beer, incredible cuisine and world class services. Some call it heaven, we call it Belgium.

Bosnia Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina is a melting pot of many different cultures, a bridge between East and West. The Student travelers and others can experience is like none other, from Roman times to the reign of the Bosnian Kings; from the Ottoman period, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Yugoslavian era with Marshal Tito as its leader. We are paradise for nature lovers. We have soaring mountains and untouched forests, wild rivers, so you can do rafting, canoeing.. Olympic mountains, Olympic Centers, one of the best places in the Region, and I know is the cheapest in Europe. Student's can stick to their own budget and have a long skiing time in Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Blidinje, Vlasic, for only 40 EUR per night in season. Student travelers in Bosnia can stick their budget and really enjoy life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bulgaria Travel The Range of the Balkan Mountains runs west-east through this lush country where people may hike, paraglide, or, in the wintertime, ski. Bulgaria is home to over ten major national parks and the famous Rose Valley. In the summer, the place to hang out is the Black Sea for student travelers. Click here for a Bulgaria tourism travel

Croatia Travel Croatia is the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Explore 1, 185 islands, the cleanest sea in the Mediterranean. Visit Europe’s oldest cities and castles, rich in history and culture. Year-round destination, adventure travel, back-packing opportunities for students.800-829-4416 or

Czech Republic Travel History at every step: 200 opened castles and chateaux, historical towns and celebrations Cheap transport and discounts for students in museums, galleries etc. Accommodation according your taste and style The best beer in the world Entertainment all night at clubs, bars and restaurants (not only) in Prague and something more: Direct flights from US to Prague with Delta Air Lines More information can be found at

Denmark Travel Backpackers looking for a relaxing vacation will find everything they need in Denmark. The locals are known for their cozy, friendly demeanor, and their imaginative ways are relflected in several sights around the small country. These include the home of Hans Christian Andersen, the massive LEGO land, and over 100 music festivals in and around the capital city, Copenhagen. Click here Denmark tourism travel

Estonia Travel Located off the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Finland, Estonia offers travelers a look to the past while offering the treats of today. Old towns and medieval architecture is still in pristine condition, while the new outlook towards the European Union is a driving force towards development. There are numerous activities and sights in Estonia for visitors to enjoy. Click here Estonia tourism travel

Finland travel Finland is a unique destination, perfect for travelers seeking a relaxing European vacation. Beautiful forests, lakes, and coastline are waiting for travelers seeking outdoor adventures, while Finlands famous saunas are perfect places to unwind. Looking for a more urban adventure? Be sure to stroll through the streets of Helsinki for views of great art and architecture. Click here Finland tourism travel

Travel France Travel Europe France and specifically Paris France travel train has never been easier! A country renowned for its wine, its love and its leisurely way of life, France offers travelers every indulgence into its history, culture and landscape. So visit the Notre Dame in Paris, sun yourself on the beaches in Cannes or enjoy a glass of wine in Burgundy. There is so much in France to enjoy. Click here for France tourism travel

Travel Germany Looking for your next vacation hot spot? Germany has plenty to offer as travel destination; from exciting city breaks, sightseeing and nightlife to a variety of fun festivals. For information on accommodation, travel tips, special events, student discounts and more check out!

Gibraltar travel Nicknamed simply The Rock, his ancient sea bed-turned island chain off the Spanish coast is a nice treat for travelers. Visitors can take a tour via cable cars, dive, snorkel and surf in the sea, or just relax on the beach. The Gibraltar dolphins, Barbary apes, Moorish Castle Complex and massive St. Michaels cave offer some of Gibraltars more spectacular sights. Click here for Gibraltar tourism travel

Travel Greece Cheap travel to Greece is not out of the question. This is a country fit for gods and goddesses: gorgeous island paradise, ancient temples to explore, lively city life, stunningly green countryside. Athens Greece travel is especially a favorite destinationWhether you are looking for a taste of famous Greek cuisine and culture, lazy days on the beach, or a party of mythic proportions, Greece is one destination that will not let you down. Click here for Greece tourism travel

Travel Holland Discover why Amsterdam is one of Europe's favorite cities for students. Enjoy it's relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, great nightlife, tolerant culture, beautiful architecture and some of the best museums in the world. For more information visit

Hungary Travel Famous for Baroque architecture, thermal baths and rich wines, Hungary is the link between Eastern and Western Europe, both literally and figuratively. A fantastic blend of Budapest cafes filled with art and music and rustic villages alongside the majestic lakes of the countryside, Hungary is an excellent European value for any student traveler . Click here for Hungary tourism travel

Ireland Travel Ireland – A Cultural Adventure. Ireland is an ancient land, which today boasts a modern, exciting outlook. The Irish people have moved into the new millennium without losing their cultural vibrancy or traditional values. You can wander at your own pace, discovering its landscape, its people and its history. Or you can choose to take part in a whole range of activities that will keep you stimulated and entertained throughout your stay. For more information Discover your very own Ireland at or call 800.223.6470

Travel Italy ITALY, with more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country, today as centuries ago is an open air university where classic genius meets modern design. Come for the culture, architecture, food, art, music, beauty, history, nature…More info: and

Latvia Travel The Eastern European country of Latvia is situated between the Baltic Sea and Russia. Its capital, Riga, is a World Heritage Site and the location of the mid-summer festival of Ligo. Travelers enjoy Latvian cultural pastimes like canoeing down rivers, winter sports, and the distinct culinary offerings. While vacationing in Latvia, many tourists like to sample the delightful locally-brewed beers as well. Click here for Latvia tourism travel

Liechtenstein Travel Small and refined – the Principality of Liechtenstein, covering just 160 square kilometers, provides plenty of space for the coexistence of prosperity, modernity, and tradition. As a highly developed industrial location, it mixes with the world’s top, and as a financial center, Liechtenstein has earned international trust with its high standards of quality. In addition to prosperity for its 35,000 inhabitants, Liechtenstein also provides for attractive tourism. Liechtenstein’s landmark is Vaduz Castle high above the capital bearing the same name. Beginning in the springtime, Liechtenstein especially attracts active vacation guests. How about a bike or skate tour along the Rhine, a hike or a paraglider flight over the Rhine Valley? Further information at, telephone +423 239 63 00.

Lithuania Travel Lithuania, located off the coast of the Baltic Sea, is a classical city travelers can enjoy. Forests, lakes and marshes abound, while its cities offer old-world charm and its museums offer a nice glimpse into the medieval past. Theaters and music festivals only add to the atmosphere here. Click here for Lithuania tourism travel

Luxembourg Travel The small European country of Luxembourg is a nice destination for travelers to enjoy. There are some pleasant museums, gardens and galleries here, but the real attraction is the calm, peaceful feeling one gets when visiting. Click here for Luxembourg tourism travel

Macedonia Travel The "land of lakes and mountains," Macedonia is a treat for travelers looking for a peaceful destination in southern Europe. Friendly people and a beautiful atmosphere add to the experience while sightseeing galleries, churches and parks, or just enjoying the calm lakes and mountaintop vistas. Click here for Macedonia tourism travel

Travel to Malta A popular island vacation destination, historic Malta is located just off of the coast of southern Europe. With its close proximity to the Mediterranean, Malta features a temperate climate and medieval-styled buildings surrounding a rocky coastline. Sicilian cuisine, finely woven arts and crafts and year-long festivals round out the specialties of this well-liked tourist destination. Click here for Malta tourism travel

Monaco travel One of the most glamorous destinations in the world, Monaco is home to playboys, jetsetters, and gamblers alike. The French Riviera itself is more than enough reason to visit, and living the high life, even for a short while, is worth it to experience the elegance of the city. Click here for Monaco tourism travel

Montenegro Travel Why students should visit Montenegro ? From more than million reasons, we will just tell one : Montenegro is one of the most beautiful places on the earth, with so nice nature, rich history and fantastic people. Our slogan is : Montenegro Breathtaking Beauty ! EVERYONE IS WELCOME ! But more than any word, our photos will tell anyone best story about Montenegro :

Norway Travel Home to glacier-shaped fjords, majestic mountains, and foggy forests, Norway is a wintry delight for tourists in northern Europe. Visitors worldwide have come to see the aurora borealis and the midnight sun, two rare phenomenon which create a dazzling, colorful sky. Hiking, skiing and climbing are favorite activities, and sightseers are sure to enjoy Norways national parks, where a visit from a polar bear is not unheard of. Click here for Norway tourism travel

Poland Travel Poland offers a diverse range of activities for travelers to enjoy. From sightseeing in Warsaw and walking around castles and other classic buildings, to visiting unpoilt countrysides, to checking out coastal or inland resorts, there's something here for every budget and every traveler. Click here for Poland travel guide

Travel Portugal Home to the lively, historic city of Lisbon and the spectacular seaside Algarve region, a vacation in Portugal is unforgettable. Lisbon is a European city that inspires you, while driving along the countryside can be unforgettable. Wanting to escape from it all but still have access to great shopping and restaurants, spend time at one of the Algarve resort towns and take a boat ride through the grottos or simply dig your toes in the sand. Click here for Poland travel guide

Romania Travel Romania - Come and See More of Europe A three-hour journey could take you from the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea, from the Danube Delta to the country’s sophisticated capital: Bucharest. Take a step back in time as you visit the medieval towns in Transylvania, the painted monasteries in Bucovina or a traditional village in Maramures.

Travel to San Marino The Republic of San Marino is the most ancient democracy in the world. The San Marino territory is divided into nine “Castles” (townships) - San Marino città, Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, Faetano, Domagnano, Chiesanuova, Acquaviva, Fiorentino, Montegiardino – corresponding to the ancient parishes of the Republic. Every Castel is managed by a Castle Council chaired by a Captain, elected every five years. San Marino has a population of over 30 thousand inhabitants, with the addition of about 12 thousand citizens living outside the territory.

Slovakia Travel Charming villages, a beautiful countryside and a fascinating culture make Slovakia a wonderful destination for travelers. Visit many of the castles and other sites that are reminders of the past, or enjoy winter or summer sports found throughout the country. Click here for Slovakia tourism travel

Travel Spain Cheap travel Spain is more than bullfights, flamenco dancers and crowded beaches. Travel Barcelona Spain as a taste to this spectacular and diverse country. The north and it's green hills and the south with a taste of Moroccan landscapes and architecture. Mixing the old and the new effortlessly, Spain provides every traveler so much to discover. Click here for Spain travel guide

Travel SwitzerlandPristine and breathtaking, Sweden offers a variety of natural landscapes, urban settings and culture to satisfy travelers all year round. Visit a ski resort nestled in the mountains, visit the spectacular coast, or find exciting nightlife, you're sure to find plenty to see in this exciting country. Click here for Switzerland travel guide

Travel Ukraine Ukraine is a classical country, offering tourists a chance to see medieval harbors, wineries and monuments untouched by time. Botanical gardens, small parks and river valleys all offer a tranquil getaway from the demands of everyday life. Of special note are Kiev, renowned for its long walkways lined with chestnut trees, and the quaint harbor town of Odessa, offering numerous resorts and spas for rest and relaxation. Click here for Ukraine tourism travel

United Kingdom Travel One of the world's ultimate travel destinations, the United Kingdom has so much to offer. Encompassing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the UK is extremely diverse in its people and culture. Whether your interest lies with its world famous city of London or in the castles and rolling hills of Scotland, there is much to do and see for every traveler. Click here for United Kingdom tourism travel

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