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No Old People Allowed! Tour companies for 18-30 something year olds!  
No Old People Allowed! Tour companies for 18-30 something year olds!

Cheap car rentals  

Degree Abroad Guide February 2014  
Check out Student Traveler's newest publication, the 2013 Transfer Abroad Guide!

Degree Abroad  

35 Secrets of Cheap Student Travel...


best "travel backpack review, Travel Gear Reviews, buy a back pack in travel gear london  

Round the World Airfare, How to fly around the world  

Cheap student travel insurance, horror stories in travel, disease outbreaks, quote travel  

Packing List  
If the following scenario sounds all too familiar, then these sites were designed for you: Toothbrush? Check. Passport? Check.. Underwear? Oh no!


Online Travel  

One Stop for Cheap Flights  

Youth hostel, Hostel bookers, Youth Hostels in Europe  
Youth hostels all over the the world!

Rail Pass 101: Eurail Pass, Eurail Planner, Can an American buy a Eurail ticket in Europe? Eurail Reservation Fee  
Everything you need to know about Rail Passes in Europe!

"Student Discount" websites, student discount sites, hotels on priceline to find the best deals, Discount Hotels and Youth Hostels  

student airline discounts about, Discount Travel, Vacations, Trips, TravelEurope  

Discount Car Rental, Student Car Hire, Under 25 car rental, Car rental USA under 25  
Discount Car Rental, Student Car Hire, Under 25 car rental, Car rental USA under 25 from companies like Kemwell, Budget, Avis, Fox, Hertz and Dollar.

Expedia students air tickets, Open ended flight ticket, Airline Tickets, Air Travel  

Career tour guide  
What does it take to be an Intrepid group leader? Exceptional people skills; wide travel experience in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East; broad life experience; and...

Raise Money to Volunteer Overseas, Fundraising for Volunteering Overseas  


Volunteer archaeologist overseas  

Rolf Potts on Vagabonding  

Study Abroad packing list  

backpacker culture, hostels for cheap, hostel in Florida  

How to earn college credit with language schools  

Cheap student airfare, StudentUniverse deals, STA Travel deals  

Tours for young people, student travel tours, tours with Contiki  

Teach English Abroad in Spain: different travel content for different countries  
Jobs that Teach English Abroad are not the same in all countries. Find out what is going on for Teaching English Abroad in Japan, Teaching English Abroad in Siberia, Teaching English Abroad in Spain

Travel jobs  

Planning a trip around the world, How to travel for cheap  

Thais dreams, student travel in Thailand, cheap travel to KO LANTA YAI  

Expensive: Living cheap in Holland, expencive  

Work in Florence, Work Overseas in Italy, student apartment florence no agency  
.Imagine a work day without an alarm clock, cubicle, Snapple or overtime. Instead, you wake up to church bells ringing in Giotto's bell tower and...

Europe Hot Spots: Ibiza youth hostels, Bruxel Ireland youth hostels, Walk on the ocean in San Sebastian Spain  
You want to know the scoop on Europe? Find those gems that make your trip unique, fill your journal with notes and stain your pages with red wine? You're not going to trust recommendations from a travel agent. Even the guidebooks are circumspect. But it's the casual recommendations from a fellow traveler at the train stop that you heed.

Student Tickets, Student Airfare, Cheap Student Airfare from STA Travel to all over the world!!  
STA Travel has posted their student tickets for fares around the world! Find the cheapest fares as a student around the world right here! All flights are between April 1 and May 15 for Europe and April 22- June 9 for Asia, June 14 for Central/South America, and May 1 - June 8 for Australia.

Walking to Santiago de Compostela, Walking in Spain, Cheap travel to Spain  

Travel jobs in Europe, Work Visas for Europe  

Travel jobs in Sydney Australia, how to make money in Australia with travel  
Work in Sydney and sign up to get updates on Paid Internships each week

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