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The advantages to getting your Master's degree (or PhD) in Australia  
Always wanted to travel abroad but school gets in the way? Get your Masters Degree or PhD abroad in Australia! Explore 5 University locations down under for education, fun and travel!

Degree Abroad Guide February 2014  
Check out Student Traveler's newest publication, the 2013 Transfer Abroad Guide!

How to Use Financial Aid (FAFSA) to Get a Masters or Bachelor's Degree Overseas  

Work Abroad Australia, Broome country volunteer  
Katrina Carrasco digs up more than just sweet potato tubers on a farm in Northwestern Australia. She learns that sometimes the experience of working abroad can be worth far more than...

Tourism Australia , Cheap travel to Melbourne, backpacking in Melbourne  

Outback travel in Australia, cheap travel to Outback Australia, backpacking in Australian Outback  

Underground Exploration, Underground City Sydney, Underground Cities  
Discover Sydney...not your usual way.

Study in Australia: Why is internship abroad important, i feel so sad, koalas study  
Before the start of the internship, I was a little fuzzy as to what my exact job would be....

Cheap travel Australia Northern Territory, how to travel in Outback Australia, student travel Australia  

Australia Outback travel, cheap travel to Northern Territory Australia  
Australia Outback travel, cheap travel to Northern Territory Australia

Surfing and sharks in the wave, One Man's Ozzie Surf Lesson  
Swim with the sharks down under

How to make a didgeridoo, cultural travel in Australia, cheap travel in Australia  
The Spot, The Nothing and Vegamite

Travel jobs in Sydney Australia, how to make money in Australia with travel  
Work in Sydney and sign up to get updates on Paid Internships each week

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Travellers Auto Barn offers campervans & stationwagons for rent/sales all around Australia - all our sales vehicles come with guaranteed buyback and we offer a large range of different campervans/stationwagons for hire from 6 Australia wide locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin & Perth.



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