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Volunteering for Free by fundraising
By: - (justin) 2012.04.01



Working with a variety of organizations in 7 countries, BaseCamp offers tailored volunteer training and mutually benefiting placements. Volunteers work in schools, social and healthcare programs, building projects, as well as conservation work with wildlife. Travel with a purpose. See website.


The distinct advantage for volunteering abroad is the humanitarian, unselfish reasoning surrounding it. In most cases, family and friends will respect your determination to volunteer abroad - enough in fact, to help you finance the entire trip.

Fundraising is a simple way to pay for a volunteer excursion abroad. By writing to family members, friends, and possibly teachers about your opportunity abroad, you may be surprised by the giving from these individuals to make the volunteer opportunity happen. Certainly one of the best sources for small scholarships or donations are local community groups tied to the region you are going to. If you are going to work in Guatemala, for example, contact either a local or national Guatemalan community organization and see how they may be able to help you. Maybe you can perform a slide show for them upon return, or speak at a function they sponsor, and they may have funds to help you help their homeland community.

What fundraising takes is time and a genuine feel that you want to make a difference where you go. According to Shaun Skelton of Visions in Action, writing a letter is the most effective way to promote your trip. In it, explain that you plan to volunteer abroad and that you need help raising a specific amount of money by a certain date. Next, show how you are working to raise money on your own for the volunteer opportunity. Finally, request what amount you would need from them to help the cause.

One good idea is offering to send a newsletter or small gifts from the country to those who help out. The important idea is to give yourself lots of time to handle the fundraising part.

For more volunteer info, visit our volunteer abroad page.

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