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By: Sabina Dewan (justin) 2011.02.23

What is it that attracts so many students to travel? Perhaps, it is crossing the restraints of convention and society to expand one's vision. Or perhaps, it is adventure that entices students to ttravel. Nonetheless, students are constantly seeking viable and economical means to explore the world. It is in this light that tour travel appears to be an attractive solution.

After spending six weeks in England last summer, I decided to join the "European Delight" tour with ContikiMy tour was of eight major cities in twelve days. The tour began in London and proceeded through Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Venice, Lucerne, Paris, and ended back in London.

With a tour group, sight seeing is an organized activity so one doesn't spend time trying to study up which spots to hit in each city. There is also the additional safety of being within a group, which makes the loss of privacy a small price to pay. As such, tour travel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to sample unfamiliar regions throughout Europe.

Organized tour travel is often based on accomplishing as much as possible in as little time as possible. So, for someone who loves to sleep, has a tendency to be late or is constantly restless, a tour is a good lesson in patience and punctuality. I found myself rather sleep deprived, rushing to catch the bus more than once. The tour was marked by long hours on the bus, hectic hours spent in different cities and partying well into the night. Needless to say, sleep and leisure is not a priority.

My tour group consisted of a truly international mix of people from Japan, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England as well as the United States. Such a multi-cultural group made for several interesting acquaintances to say the least. Furthermore, I was able to cultivate a few lasting friendships.

In addition to more popular attractions, I saw the BMW museum in Munich, the Third Reich in Berlin, the tallest peak of the Swiss Alps, Mozart's birthplace, and Napolean's grave. The tour includes something for everyone from nature lovers to history buffs and party animals.

Still, it is important to acknowledge that while tour travel is one of the most economical ways to travel, it is not for everyone. Such tours are physically draining and do not allow enough time to get to know a city entirely. It is important that one looks at the various options offered by different tour companies before making a decision; prices, destinations and requirements vary from one tour company to the next. Perhaps most importantly, one should keep an open mind to different cultural idiosyncrasies; for example, new and sometimes unusual cuisines like hagus, and having to pay to use the bathroom in some European countries. Experiences vary from one person to another and so does tour travel, but it is these diverse experiences that made my tour experience an unforgettable one. Nevertheless, note that such tours are quite a ways away from a relaxing vacation. You may just need a vacation from your vacation.

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