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London Nightclubs and Bars
By: Staff (justin) 2012.01.06

London is the mecca of the European club scene; from BritRock to dub, Hindi electronica to ska, behind proper British brownstones the music scene is pushing new boundaries. One thing about the London club scene is that if it's worth finding, anyone will be able to tell you where it is. Looking for addresses when you've had a few pints in you wouldn't help anyway, so remember the names and you'll find these places in no time. Sound Republic, in Leicester (pronounced Lester) Square, is one of the most interesting clubs in the city with about a dozen monitors lining the walls and ceiling-high screens filled with the fastest and most colorful video images around. The two-story lounge-style bar is atop with semi-circle booths and hardwood floors.

Ministry of Sound has long been one of the best nightclubs in the city and doesn't show signs of cooling off. The hippest bar for the moment is Denim. The Slug and Lettuce, a hardwood floor Irish pub, elegantly lined with black and white photos from the early 1900's, elegantly separated from a cave-like room underneath booming to the sound of London pop. A great place to chill before hitting some of the more crazy spots of the city.

Above, all when roving from one club to another in the city, keep in mind that there's an English elegance that rules the London club scene, so dress for European chic, not American slacker. JG

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