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By: Staff (justin) 2012.01.06

Fifteen miles away from Bath, or a two-hour National Express bus ride out of London, lies Bristol, a town in southwestern England that's undergoing major renovation. After its prosperous slave-trading days, Bristol hit the skids, and only recently has intense investment given it the momentum to pull ahead. Alongside new developments lie decrepit industrial buildings from bustling times long past; these fantastic ruins, some in stone and brick, front the famous river Avon. Ferry tours down the Avon reveal gorgeous period houses in Easter-egg colors climbing from the river into the hills. Bristol hasn't yet officially hit the big time, but it hopes to get there soon.


At-Bristol is a new, Epcot-center-like development that was meant to open for the millennium, but which will actually open in late spring 2000. The project has three major components: Explore, Wildscreen, and Open Spaces. Explore is a hands-on science experience (and is the clearest Epcot copycat of the three); Wildscreen is a high-tech, indoor zoo; and Open Spaces is linked to Bristol at large and includes new public squares with shops, cafes, public art exhibits, and live entertainment. Nightlife Bristol is famed throughout England for its homegrown music, and many music experts will argue for a Bristol "sound" that's unlike any other (listen to Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead to see if you agree). Clubs in every corner of the city continue Bristol's musical tradition. You can't go wrong no matter which you choose, but Lakota is an excellent pick.

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