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Learn Spanish in Barcelona! The Eurocentres Language School Barcelona is situated in the popular Garcia area right in the city center. Recently refurbished, the school offers everything you need for a successful Spanish learning experience. A broad range of cultural activities complements your Spanish experience. We are an EAQUALS-accredited school and offer a broad range of courses and accommodation options. Our experienced and welcoming teachers will help you to have a once in a lifetime experience! For details go to Eurocentres.

Become a world citizen with Easy Languages! ! Our language immersion programs bring you into the heart of any culture and offer you the added benefit of accelerated language learning. Courses start year round are available around the world. No minimum GPA required. For details, click here!

Budget study abroad. Low prices, academic quality. Open to all. Earn college credit. Easy to register. Quick confirmation. Flexibility. Can pay balance at arrival, or in advance. Go with CSA - Center For Study Abroad. Low cost programs since 1990. See website.


Top Tips

PLACEMENT SERVICES cost more than finding a school on your own, but help insure you study in a reputable place.

INDIVIDUAL VS. GROUP INSTRUCTION is a tradeoff between focused learning and a more relaxed, dynamic environment.

Ask the language school about their LESSON STRUCTURE (conversation, grammar, homework) to see if it meets your needs.

COLLEGE CREDITS should be arranged through your home university and the language school, but if you just need to test out of a language requirement back home, that might not be necessary.

Check whether CLASS ACTIVITIES like salsa lessons, weekend explorations of nearby sights, or museum trips are included in the lesson price.

TO HOMESTAY OR NOT TO HOMESTAY? That's the question. Depends if you want the additional linguistic and cultural benefits, or are more into independence.

Individual versus group instruction in language school
By: Staff (justin) 2011.10.13

LIA LIA: Languages in Action is an international organization of language schools providing opportunities to learn a language of your choice, at language schools around the world. We provides individual or group courses that can be tailored to your individual needs. Languages in Action

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