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Croatia Calls You: The Endless List of Sailing Spots at the Adriatic Coast 2017-Apr-13
Planning your next sailing holiday can be an overwhelming task, especially if you chose Croatian coast as a sailing destination: the coast that simply needs to be visited more than o­nce. On the o­ne hand, it’s a fact because of the thousand islands and other fascinating coastal stops that are nearly impossible to match up in an o­ne holiday. o­n the other hand, even if you are not a newbie in Croatia – the amazing nature, breathtaking views, picturesque medieval towns and the lush of the nightlife and tasty cuisine: all these are reasons why Croatia calls you over and over again.  Whether you choose Southern, Middle or Northern coast – you can’t go wrong. But let’s go from the beginning: 

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Why to rent a boat in Croatia?

To make things easier and give yourself more time for the actual planning of the sailing trip, choosing a boat that suits your needs and expectations is made easy. With few simple steps that include your dates and your preferences – the boat of your dreams will be very yours for the duration of the unforgettable Croatian holiday. 

Choosing the charter base – the essential start of your Croatian sailing holiday

Choosing Rijeka as your starting point is something experienced sailors would do if they were you. Navigating the waters through Rijeka, Zadar, while enjoying the views of the wonderful Velebit Mountains – seems like a great plan. Similarly, choosing Pula as a starting point can lead you to an unforgettable exploration of the whole Istria region – the o­ne that probably attracts most yachtsmen during low and especially high season. If you choose this route, prepare for a period of admiring the lovely Brijuni Islands – o­ne of the many national parks in Croatia - that many visitors have described them as an opening gate for exploring the medieval Venetian towns. If you are eager to get around and check a town that is listed among the fifty world destinations everyone must visit – then start your sailing trip from Dubrovnik. The peninsula of Peljesac – the paradise of the fishermen, Korcula island, Mljet island as well as lots of islets and astonishing bays – are all set well o­n the southern part of the Adriatic coast and are easily reachable by boat. Wherever you choose to start from, you won’t be wrong. The question is: where you will go next? The good thing about sailing Croatia with a boat is that you have the freedom to hop o­n and off the thousand marvelous islands and get to mix both adventure, relaxing time o­n the sandy beaches, culture and picturesque views worth memorizing. 

Once you’ve finished renting a boat in Croatia, your adventure may begin. Just write down the places you want to visit and things you want to do for your upcoming holiday, but don’t forget to leave some blank pages; as Croatian coast has always surprises that you couldn’t even dream of.

Andrew is an enthusiastic blogger and health and fitness expert.He is very passionate about writing o­n health, fashion, technology, education, travel etc.He is associated with best places to visit in europe.

5 Peaceful Beach Destinations in Thailand for Relaxing Island Getaways 2017-Feb-04
Odessa’s beach, which actually is made up of several beaches running some 40 km or more, possesses a sea wall and small-scale eating and drinking establishments. Below please find a mini guide to main beaches of Odessa:
Arkadia (or Arcadia) Beach
Arcadia (Arkadia) is not central located beach (about a 15 minute ride from the center). It’s the largest, the most developed and the most expensive beach of Odessa. The main entrance is clearly labeled by two pillars holding an Arkadia sign. Behind the sign is a long, shaded boulevard which boasts dozens of entertainment options. Along this path, you will also notice dozens of cafes, restaurants and kiosks. After about a 200 meter walk you’ll see a nightclub “Ibiza” which sits slights before the entrance to the beach. From here you can choose to either go downstairs onto the main Arkadia (Arcadia) beach or take a left or a right and choose numerous surrounding stretches of sand that all fall within Arkadia’s premises. Night clubs “Itaka”, “Akapulko”, “Assol”, “Pago” and “Stereo” are located in Arcadia (Arkadia).
Otrada Beach
Steep walk downhill is required to access most of Odessa beaches. However, this is not the case with Otrada Beach which is known by constructed cable cars. You may take one of these cable cars down to the water. Enjoy the beautiful view of coast from atop of the ride. Otrada Beach consists of numerous small beaches – almost all of which are fully equipped with bars, waiter service, changing rooms, showers, kid play rooms and various other facilities. Some of the more popular beaches / night clubs here are Riviera and Treasure Island. Here you can also try out Wind Surfing or Jet Skiing.
Lanzeron Beach.
Lanzheron is central located Odessa beach (about a 15 minute walk from Deribasovskaya Street) and the most preferred by tourists. Located next to Park Schevchenko, one can enjoy the greenery of the park and take a dip in the warm Black Sea at the same time. Lanzheron Beach stretches over many different beaches, each with its own unique Odessa flavor. Some are fully equipped while others were left alone in their natural state. There are even numerous water slides available for your entertainment along the water, just in case you get bored while in Odessa. If you get bored, you can visit a large newly built Dolphinarium which will also allow you to either watch a show or swim with the dolphins. Other popular entertainment options include Jet Ski Rentals, speed boat rides and various other water related activities.
Delphin (or Dolphin) Beach
Delphin (Dolphin) Beach is located just further south of Lanzheron and Otrada beaches. Few minute walk down the steep stairs brings to all of Delphin (Dolphin) beach. The sand quality on this beach is one of the better ones in Odessa. Overall clean quality beach and relatively great service make this a recommended summer visit on a hot summer day while in Odessa Ukraine.
Luzanovka Beach.
Luzanovka is not central located beach (about a 15 minute ride from the city center). Few years ago it was one of the backward beaches of Odessa. Today it makes competition to Arkadia (or Arcadia) Beach. Night Clubs “Nirvana”, “Vzmorye”, “Gofstream” and beach club “Malibu” are located here. Here you can try out Wind Surfing, diving or Jet Skiing.



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