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Explore The Leading Beaches Of The World With Cheap Business Class Flights 2017-Mar-04
The cold, chilling days are making way for spring and summer. And during this time of the year, the heart craves for some sunshine. What better way to enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine than basking on sun-kissed beaches? There are many beaches across the globe, which can simply take your breath away. Going to these beaches and enjoying a vacation there might need you to start saving from now, but it is worth the pain. If you want to make the vacation a luxurious one, you can also plan flying in business class tickets. Along with comfortable traveling, you can enjoy luxurious traveling at its best with the best services and facilities available in premium class flying. Infact, if you are lucky in grabbing discount business class flights, you will be able to save few hundred dollars and still be able to enjoy the luxuries of flying.

Mentioned below find some of the leading beaches all over the globe, which are fascinating beach destinations:

Providenciales, Caicos, Grace Bay and Turks

If you are looking for turquoise and clear blue seas and oceans, these are the destinations you can visit. Caicos and Turks is located towards southeast of the Bahamas. There are many airlines which operate cheap business class flights in the area as the numbers of tourists in the area are increasing. The different shades of green and blue that are seen in the clean and clear ocean water are simply amazing! The beach has soft, white sands and looks extremely inviting. Stroll on the pristine beach or laze around basking in the sun for the ultimate beach vacation. Pictures that you click will be nothing short of picture postcard style and you are going to love them forever.

San Sebastian, La Concha Beach, Donostia, Spain

Spain boasts of some of the best beaches in the European continent. The best part about these beaches is that you will be able to enjoy the picturesque land and sea beauty at the same time. The waters are clear and the beaches are lovely with golden sands. Along with enjoying the gorgeousness of the land and the sea, try enjoying at the beach bar, which is full of local flavor. The picnic tables arranged by the long sea shore are places for quick snacks bites. If you are looking for some adventure in your beach vacation, you can head to the lighthouse.

Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo, Cuba

Playa Paraiso actually means ‘Paradise Beach’ in Cuban language. And when the name of a beach is such, it is obvious that the beach will have something really special in it. If you are in search of a picture-perfect beach, there is no better place than Playa Paraiso for the same in Cuba. The ocean in the area has the bluest of waters and is crystal clear at the same time. The white sand beach looks amazing, particularly the part that juts into the sea at certain points. From such places, the sea looks more mesmerizing and enchanting. Moreover, the beach is not very crowded and if you are a person who loves tranquility and serenity, this beach destination will be your perfect choice.

Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Beaches of Brazil are known internationally and so is the lifestyle of people that live along with beaches. You will not be able to gauge the beauty of the Baia do Sancho, until and unless you reach the place in person. You will have to walk through a small and narrow trail in order to reach the beach. And while walking you cannot think in your wildest dreams what beauty lies ahead. The view is heavenly and seems out of the world absolutely. Let the virgin beauty of the place seep into your soul. Capture the beauty in your heart and mind and store it in the treasure house of your soul. Once you visit this beach destination, you will never be able to forget it.

Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi, Crete, Greece

Greece is a traveler’s paradise and beaches are integral part of the travel destinations in the country. In this rehard Elafonissi Beach in Crete needs special mention. Greece has many small and large islands and this beach is seen on a small island, lying off the coast in Greece. With amazing weather conditions, this beach will simply leave you speechless. The light blue waters of the ocean and the pink sands of the beach make perfect combination. In contrast to the light colors are the dark mountains that stand as background to the beach. Great place for nature photographers as they can capture some of the best beach photographs at this awesome destination.

Hurry up; decide which beach you want to go on your next vacation and book tickets now!

Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Miss While On Travel 2016-Nov-22
Packing is o­ne of the most essential parts of travel in today’s world. For many of the people out there, the quality, relaxation and enjoyment of the travel depends o­n how the packing has been done. To be more specific, much of the travel depends o­n the gadgets you have selected to carry along with you while o­n tour. In the contemporary world, it is perhaps harder to decide which gadgets to leave behind rather than deciding the o­nes to carry. This discourse will definitely help you clearing the confusion to a certain extent and even giving you a clue regarding the o­nes which are absolutely essential from the perspective of travel.
  • Camera - Perhaps the most famous gadget which people remembers to carry while o­n a tour. Camera, for some people is even the symbol of the fact that they are in a travel. If you possess a camera while o­n tour, you will never miss out o­n moments which you would definitely want to capture and preserve for the future.
  • Smartphone - This is the most important gadget for the current era. The smartphone has gained importance simply due to the fact that it is a multipurpose o­ne. Primarily it works as your phone; you can even use it as camera, GPS, Music player and many other things as well. What makes it the most important travel gadget is the fact that it is easy to carry and it serves you with a lot of purpose. 
  • Powerbank - As we have already discussed that a smartphone is the most important possession you can have while o­n travel; make sure that you have a powerbank to complement your phone. You might possess the strongest battery in the world but you might just run out of battery at a very important juncture and you might miss something crucial. 
  • Headphones - Another supplement to your smartphone is your headphone which will surely help you in the long and especially boring part of your travel to utilize your time in relaxation. Other than that they might prove to be quite helpful in o­nline chats as you are not quite sure of the internet connection of the place. These are really helpful in case of a weak or even an inconsistent network.
  • Laptop - This is a gadget which might not be that easy to carry when compared to the other devices but if you manage to carry it along with you it would help you in various ways like storing your pictures and videos, keeping you up to date o­n your social networks as well as finishing the unfinished work of your office sometimes as well.

To utilize all these things you need to primarily make sure that you are travelling and you don’t have issues related to your passport and visa. If that is hampering your tour plans and you are located anywhere near Washington, you can use the passport renewal Washington State services to get your work sorted out. Apart from that you might also contact the Seattle Passport agency which will definitely sort out all problems related to your visa and passport and as such you would be ensured a hackle free journey.

10 Years Visa to China Might Be Very Confusing; Clear All Your Confusions 2016-Sep-27
Visa is one of the most important documents of the contemporary age. You might possess a passport and it might be valid for quite a long time. But when it is time to travel abroad, you most often than not, find yourself hurried in order to get a visa for a specific country. Now, there are specific regulations for specific countries which always manage to confuse us. Primarily you need to know whether you even need a visa for travelling the country or not and many other ifs and buts. Apart from other confusions as such, one contemporary thing that the people of America is currently facing is regarding procuring a China visa. Through this article we would try to clear as much confusion as possible regarding this contemporary confusion which occurs during a China visa application.

The first thing that creates confusion is the fact that who are the ones eligible for a 10 years visa to China. Primarily they are the US passport holders who have applied essentially for M, L, Q2 and S2 visas. China visa for now is only available for these forms. Coming to the Canadian passport holders, they might get their multiple year visa granted and that too up to 10 years.

Coming to the minimum criteria for attaining a 10 years China visa, the passport of the applicant has to have more than 12 months validity and apart from that having at least 2 blank pages is what is required. Even then you cannot get granted a stay of more than 60 days per visit if you are an M or L visa holder. Even if you need a stay of more than 60 days, the Chinese consulate will not issue a visa for more than 1 year. Then for a Canadian passport holder, the validity of China visa cannot exceed the validity of the passport.

Further, it can be ascertained that there isn’t any difference in fees for procuring a 10 years visa to china, neither is there any need for further documentation or even extra ones. But the main problem with the 10 years visa still lies with the fact that this is still likely and nobody can ever guarantee it. Whatever might be the case, the Chinese consulate makes the final decision.

The Chinese consulate is very reluctant to provide 10 years visas in certain cases. The focal points of problems along with multiple other options are; if your passport is valid for less than 12 months or it has less than 2 visa pages left blank, you are applying for any other type of visa than M, L, Q2 and S2. Even if your trip purpose is research, scientific, academic or even cultural exchange programmes, the Chinese consulate is often found to be reluctant again if the stay seems to them longer than usual. The same thing happens in case of people involved with sensitive professions such as military, religion, politics, writing, photography, film making and even media personnel.

Hence, procurement of a China visa might not be that critical if the above mentioned discourse is studied sensitively and this will definitely help in loosening the bottleneck for many people.

Traveling on a College Budget – Some of the Best Destinations for Students 2016-Aug-18
Are you someone who has a tiny travel budget and yet dreams of having a memorable vacation? No, if you had thought that planning a vacation on a student budget is extremely restricting, then you’re probably nurturing a wrong notion. There are indeed many countries in the world where costs of traveling can be just a small fraction of what you pay in other countries. A little bit of research, planning and prior decision can help you travel to a number of countries, that too within a college budget. The concerns of this article will give you a list of those astoundingly cheap countries which you can visit on a shoestring budget. Check out some such countries.

Colombia: Colombia is popular for its high-rise Andean mountains, Caribbean coast and its mysterious jungle which makes it one of the most alluring and exotic countries in South America. Spanish and Caribbean cultures all combine to design some delicious cuisine and the place is full of warm and beautiful people. Colombia has also got a number of cheap accomodation options and is loaded with some cheap and free things to do. Hostel dorm bed prices are extremely cheap at $11.77, transportation costs are as low as $1.62 and meals and drinks cost you $11.46 and $3.45 respectively.

Bolivia: Bolivia is a country which is complex, robust and bewitching as well. If you love trekking, you will enjoy a lot as this is perhaps one of the world’s best countries for trekking with its towering mountains, forbidden expanses, dense jungle that will call you to explore the wilderness. This clearly tells you that Bolivia is one of the best places to explore on a college budget as the adventurous activities are not at all too expensive. You get cheap accomodations at $9.78, transportation costs may be as low as $0.60 and meals can also be cheap at $6.53.

Ecuador: Ecuador is a treasure of Colonial architecture, cobbled streets and picturesque plazas. With the majestic volcanoes and the Amazon rain forest, you can get everything that you have ever dreamt of in an adventurous fairy tale. Traveling to places like Ecuador can also be excessively cheap and this city too has a number of cheap things to do. You can stroll around in an open air market as they are free to visit and can offer a good experience of the culture of Ecuador. Accomodations are as cheap as $10.75 and you get meals and drinks at a low price of $9 and $3 respectively.

Cost Rica: If you can plan a vacation to Costa Rica, you can zip line through the canopy or walk through the rain forest. There are some smoldering volcanoes which you would love to experience. Accomodations are as cheap as $12, meals at $23, transportation as $1.48 and drinks at $6.

Even though you’re planning to travel to a cheap destination, you must also be looking for cheap business class tickets or discount business class tickets. Stay aware of the various sites which offer the best deals on traveling to your favorite destinations.

Enjoying my trip to China 2016-Aug-11
China is a beautiful place to explore. Different culture, extremely delicious food, colorful dresses, exotic shopping places, and a complete package for all. It is having its own heritage and culture. I went there during a festival called lantern festival. It is amazing to be here during this time.
I will recommend you all to taste the street food o­nce there in China. Also try to visit during a festival time to feel the original essence of their culture, if you really love to know new cultures.



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