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Learning and Living: Studying at a Language School in Spain  
Learning Spanish in Spain hardly feels like going to school. An average day might start with an expertly brewed café con leche and end with a delicious dinner of light tapas and endless glasses of local Rioja wine. The in-between hours are probably peppered with long strolls through winding cobblestoned streets and hours spent sketching Moorish architecture while listening to the passionate wails and intricate guitar licks of local Flamenco artists. Students will spend a couple hours in the classroom each day, but the real learning....

Speaking Spanish in Argentina  
Carne, red wine, empanadas, and the super poncho. It’s almost enough to sustain yourself entirely in a foreign country, but unfortunately, food doesn’t teach you the language..

Internship placements with language schools  
Language schools are for those who want to learn a local language without enrolling in formal study abroad programs. These days, many language schools are adding internship placements to their...

Language Schools in Ghana  
Paul Detrick gives some tips on learning the lingo and living the culture while studying a language abroad. From Ghana to Singapore, he explores issues of social sensitivity and cultural immersion while studying abroad.

Language School FAQ  
Check out a language school to learn a foreign language. Language schools are located in every country in the world, and these schools can teach you the language from...

Language schools in Cambodia  

Learn a Language Abroad - Advice from Those Who Know  

Study Abroad in Spain, do you have to be fluent in Chinese to study abroad  

How to Study In country for a language school  

Language Schools in Peru  

How to earn college credit with language schools  

Studying Spanish in Ecuador  

Guage magazine Jessica Johnson, Study Abroad in Italy: Study Abroad Italian  

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica: How to say is passed around in Spanish, rainforest in Spanish  

Claro c Peru, Arequipa, Peru  

Alif Fes, American college in Agadir, Morocco, alif arabic institute fes, Study Arabic in Fez, Morocco  

Individual versus group instruction in language school  

Study Abroad in Italy: My Linguistic Abilities  

Learning a language in France  

Spanish Classes in Madrid  

Less Commonly Taught Languages, LCTL  

What is the best and easiest language to study?  

Learning Spanish in Guatemala  

Language Schools in Ecuador  

Private Language Schools  

Great Language School Web Sites  
Learning another language is a great way to experience another country, and stay competitive in the working world. check out these web sites for help on where to get started!

Tutors versus language school teachers  
Do you need to learn the language? Student Traveler recommends how to learn the language in Argentina.

Language schools in Buenos Aires  

How to find a language school for couples, Learning a language with your spouse, learning a language with your boyfriend/girlfriend  

Spanish tutoring lessons, Buenos Aires Spanish language schools  

Tips for learning a new language  

Learning a language at a slow pace, Language school in Costa Rica  

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica Rainforest, Learning a language with adventure  

       Top Picks Learn French in Paris! The Eurocentres Language School is located right in the heart of Paris, just a few meters from Notre Dame. We are an EAQUALS-accredited school and offer a broad range of courses and accommodation options. Our experienced and welcoming teachers will help you to have a once in a lifetime experience! For details go to Eurocentres.

LOW COST STUDY ABROAD ! Accredited High Quality Programs. Quick Admission Confirmation. Academic Credit. Open To All. Easy To Register. Fast Docs. Simple 2 Payment System. Pay Balance Prior, or at Arrival. Budget Study Abroad With CSA. Since 1990. Tel # 206-583-8191

Learn Swahili while caring for orphans in Kenya, learn Mandarin in China while teaching visually impaired children, or take Spanish lessons while conserving the Galapagos Islands! We can help you plan your whole trip! Email us at or go to Travellers Worldwide.

Become a world citizen with Easy Languages! ! Our language immersion programs bring you into the heart of any culture and offer you the added benefit of accelerated language learning. Courses start year round are available around the world. No minimum GPA required. For details, click here! Travel Guard travel insurance plans include travel insurance & assistance that travels with you. Coverages may include: Trip cancellation due to terrorism & other named unforeseen events, trip delay, lost baggage, medical emergency, & others. Purchase online for immediate coverage at Travel Guard

Language School Resources
If you are looking for Language Schools we recommend They cooperate with the best language schools worldwide to help you with planning your entire experience! This includes booking accommodations, selecting the correct language course, and side activities. The site says they also arrange special offers and special courses for language schools.
The Language Schools section of is another great starting point for choosing a great language school! This site is part of, which has a ton of great listings for planning your next trip overseas. I like how they have their most popular searches right on the home page, so it's easy to choose a program, with Italian Language schools being the most popular!
If you are looking to learn English in the US may be your best starting point. The site conveniently has links to all the major universities throughout the U.S. that offer Language School opportunities. The links only take you to home page of the university, so you will need to do further research to find their ESL or language school. But the list includes The Monterey Institute of International Studies in Northern California, which is world-renowned for their language programs.



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