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Volunteer Overseas Experience, Volunteer Abroad  
Reina Victoria teaches you how to go from volunteer to career with tips on what to do after you volunteer abroad. Learn how to make a healthy living by lending a helping hand.

Why work for free  
The thought of working for free in another country seems to surprise many college students who are...

Volunteer Activities Overseas  
There are as many different volunteer experiences as there are places to go. Different jobs, locations and cultures all affect what the...

Volunteering for Free by fundraising  
The distinct advantage for volunteering abroad is the humanitarian, unselfish reasoning surrounding it. In most cases, family and friends will respect your...

Volunteer Books while you are overseas  

Volunteering on a farm in Italy  

Volunteering on a farm in Bulgaria  

Volunteer Teaching in Malawi Africa  

Raise Money to Volunteer Overseas, Fundraising for Volunteering Overseas  

Volunteering Overseas in Angola, Work in Benguela  

Volunteer Overseas in Tuva, Work in Tuva  

Volunteer archaeologist overseas  

Volunteer Overseas in Cochabamba, Bolivia  

Why do you pay to volunteer overseas  

Volunteering Overseas in the Himalayas  

Cultural Immersion Volunteer Overseas  

Volunteering Overseas after a natural disaster  

Volunteer Abroad - month-long airfare deal to southeast asia, volunteer projects south east Asia  

Volunteer Abroad Organizations  

Traveler Camp Kyrgyzstan  

Volunteer Abroad Idealist  

Volunteering after a natural disaster, how to volunteer after a storm hits  

Little Lhasa Map, Travel to India  

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Working with a variety of organizations in 7 countries, BaseCamp offers tailored volunteer training and mutually benefiting placements. Volunteers work in schools, social and healthcare programs, building projects, as well as conservation work with wildlife. Travel with a purpose. See website.

Linked Heart Volunteers work in Eastern Ghana for one, two or three months in a wide range of development work that include eco-tourism, healthcare, teaching, agriculture, conservation, church planting, trail building, orphanage work or AIDS education. Very reasonable prices. Go to Linked Heart Volunteers or email for more information.

: Want to see the world and make a difference? Care for orphans in India, conserve lions in Zambia, or teach English in beautiful Ecuador! We’ll help you choose from over 250 volunteer opportunities in 22 countries! Email us at or go to Travellers Worldwide.

Volunteer Abroad Resources is a great starting point to finding the best volunteer abroad programs anywhere in the world. The site is part of, whose founders are actively involved in volunteer abroad programs themselves, including the GoAbroad Foundation and a way to volunteer with the Visayans in the Philippines.
The Volunteer Abroad section of Transitions Abroad is another great, starting point to volunteer abroad. TA brings 30+ years of writing about the topic. I like that everything seems to be on one page of their site, so it's quite easy to sift through and quickly find an article relevant to where you want to go!
One more huge database of Volunteer Abroad opportunities is Even though the site is huge, it has a convenient navigation bar on the left that covers topics for volunteer abroad opportunities, and internships. Idealist is also actively involved in events and campaigns for helping others, which can easily be found on their home page.



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