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Study Abroad Summer Programs, Programs with extended Spring 2012 Deadlines
By: Eric Tiettmeyer (justin) 2012.11.08

You Can Still Apply Now To Study Abroad This Summer 2012!

Study abroad this summer is still a possibility! While most application deadlines end April 1st or earlier, a few are still open until May or on a rolling basis. Summer study abroad is the most popular time for students to study abroad, with over 36% of all of those studying abroad spending 6-8 weeks abroad, according to IIE’s Open Doors Report.

What is it that makes summer study abroad so popular?  Kelly Corrigan of University Studies Abroad Consortium  said “There are a variety of reasons. Some of which some students may be anxious about studying abroad and a short term option is more appealing and less intimidating.” She adds, “Some students may be further along in their academic careers and therefore very limited in the courses they need and/or time they have available so summer works best into their schedules.” USAC has sixteen summer abroad opportunities ranging from 3-10 weeks located throughout the world.

Price is also an important attribute to study abroad in the summer. Prices vary on colleges and countries, but as an example of a summer program at John Cabot University in Rome costs $3,050 USD  for one course (3 credits) or $4,450 USD for two courses (6 credits). Add optional housing and meal plans and the cost is $4,875 USD for one course and $6,275 USD for two courses. This gives more wiggle room for students to use financial aid and/or pay for it themselves and still get credits while getting a taste of Rome, and spawn further travels in Europe. But with the school year winding down, students need to act fast if they want to enroll for summer.

Deadlines for most summer study abroad providers are by April 15th, but a few in the list below extend – some on a rolling basis. Luke Kasim from John Cabot University  said “An interested student should have a dialogue with their academic advisor about their plans and how those credits would transfer and/or fit into their major.” According to Danette Anderson at John Cabot University, they will accept applications until May 1st, just three weeks shy of the first day of class May 17th that runs through June 23rd. John Cabot also has a second summer session that runs from June 28-August 4th. In fact, a fair number of students now directly enroll with the university, said Kasim, and that there is an Admission Counselor assigned to work with them every step of the way for credits to transfer, visa information, and even weather and travel information.

Hundreds of international universities accept financial aid (FAFSA)! Study abroad for a summer, semester, or even finish your Bachelors or Master's overseas. It's easier than you think and usually cheaper than a U.S. education! Simply fill out the fields below and we will forward a list of colleges to you. You will not be spammed.

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