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University Study Abroad in Developing Countries
By: (justin) 2013.10.04



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USACUSAC, a non-profit consortium of U.S. universities, offers summer, winter, semester and yearlong programs in 25 countries, 40 program locations! Earn university credit in language, business, ecology, environmental science, engineering, health, journalism, art history, sociology, music and more. 1-866-404-USAC, or


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University Study Abroad in Developing Countries

Rather than choosing courses as in a typical university program, you choose a program planned around a central theme, such as university study abroad in the Amazon ecosystems of Brazil or university study abroad in the public health sector in South Africa. These programs often involve quite a bit of student travel and frequently take place while you study abroad in developing countries . Here are some advantages to these types of ways to study abroad!

You will be working with a small group of fellow field-schoolers who tend to become as close as family by the end of your stay.

University study abroad programs You get to participate in current research worldwide, and sometimes even the chance to conduct some research of your own.

Check out these studyabroad field school programs that try to break down the barrier between students and locals.

WHERE THERE BE DRAGONS is focused more on cultural immersion and local interaction. While most field school programs offer independent-study opportunities, the Dragons program is the most self-constructed. You can choose to conduct your own research or pursue a personal interest, such as language proficiency or the cooking techniques of your host country. The downside is that their programs are not accepted for credit by very many schools, perhaps due to the less-structured curriculum.

THE SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES deals primarily with environmental research and conservation. One thing that separates SFS from other field schools is this sustainability emphasis of their studies. All research is driven by community needs and contributes directly to local solutions. Independent study is therefore not as prevalent in their programs due to the fact that research topics are determined by their utility towards furthering program goals. Some of their most recently added programs include a two-country semester in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and a Swahili language and East African tribal culture course in Kenya.

Perhaps the best-known field school is SCHOOL FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAINING. It is one of the largest field schools available, with sixty programs worldwide and a wide variety of themes that cover just about any major. They boast programs in languages traditionally not offered in your normal study abroad, such as Wolof, Hindi and Quechua. Their newest programs include Sacred Traditions and Visual Culture in Ethiopia, and Ecology in the Mekong Delta.

Use financial aid (FAFSA) to get a BA/BS,MA degree, or even short-term study abroad! It's easier than you think and usually cheaper than a U.S. education! Fill out the fields below and we will match you with universities abroad!

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