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Is study abroad worth it, Study Abroad financial aid travel
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Studying abroad used to be an expense only available for the very rich. However, financial aid is changing this, making the opportunity to study in another country an excellent opportunity.

Sometimes. According to NAFSA's guide to education abroad, "some financial aid offices still resist awarding federal or state aid to eligible students. There are a variety of reasons for this opposition, including the lack of sufficient institutional moneys, the extra work involved in giving aid to students away from the home campus, and the feeling that study abroad is a frill." In a business sense, a school that helps a student apply for a program and financial aid outside its campus is spending money on the staff to prepare that student to go abroad, handing financial aid and grants to the outside school or organization, and finally giving that student credit upon return without making a dime.

The key to the financial process is to find the person responsible for overseas financial aid, find out your elegibility through your campus school or outside sponsored-program, and the best ways to apply for that aid.

Many study abroad programs offer scholarship opportunities for eligible students applying through their program. Outside of these schools there are few general scholarships for undergraduate students.

Rotary International also gives substantial scholarship money to eligible students. Applications are usually through local districts, which get funneled to headquarters for final approval.

NSEP offers scholarships for graduate students studying abroad. Awards are significantly higher than most others. Students are required to work with the federal government or in higher education upon return.

Student World Traveler offers a variety of travel grants and overseas excursion scholarships for those planning to go abroad.

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Free Money for Foreign Study - A Guide to More than 1,000 grants & scholarships for studying abroad. Laurie Bloom.
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International Studies Funding and Resources Book. G. Gutierrez.
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